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Long-QT Syndrome
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External Long-QT Syndrome Links

American Heart Association - Long-QT Syndrome

A short Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the disease.

Assocation du Syndrome du QT Long Cong้nital (France)

The first long-QT syndrome information site in French. The author, a french woman, suffers herself from the syndrome and describes her struggle with the disease. With english translations.

Cardiac Risk In The Young - Long-QT Syndrome (UK)

The organization has been established in 1995. Since then, Cardiac Risk In The Young (CRY) has been involved in bringing cardiac screening to communities in the UK where there has been a loss and made a contribution to medical research as well as how a healthy athletic heart is understood.

CARE Foundation (USA)

The site of the Cardiac Arrhythmias Research and Education (CARE) Foundation, Inc. is full of stories of people confronted to long-QT syndrome.

Carissa's Homepage (USA)

A nicely done site by an american woman suffering from two life-threatening health problems, including long-QT syndrome.

Courtney's Crusade (USA)

This site is dedicated to Courtney VanCronkhite who died after sudden cardiac arrest caused by long-QT syndrome. The goal at Courtney's Crusade is to begin the process of educating and empowering the Houston community at large in the crusade to stop sudden cardiac death and to raise awareness of this critical life-threatening condition as well as educating the community at large.

Drugs That Prolong The QT-Interval (USA)

A complete list of drugs that prolong the QT-interval or/and induce Torsade de pointes (TdP). The list is maintained by Raymond L. Woosley, MD, PhD, in the Department of Pharmacology at Georgetown University.

Kara Mia (USA)

The book "Kara Mia" is the first literary approach to long-QT syndrome. The site provides an exerpt from the book, information about the authors and a small link collection.

Lange QT-tijd syndroom (Netherlands)

A brief summary of long-QT syndrome in Dutch.

Langes QT-Syndrom Deutschland (Germany)

This German language site was started by a German long-QT syndrome sufferer. It contains small collections of links and articles regarding the disease.

Long-QT Syndrome Support Center (USA)

The site was founded in the fall of 2002 by Mark, an individual with Long-QT syndrome, to help educate patients and professionals within the medical community about Long-QT syndrome.

Long-QT Syndrome Family Support Group United Kingdom (UK)

The group exists to support sufferers and their parents through a variety of means.The aim through the site is to bring information to everyone who may need to understand long-QT - the symptoms, the treatments, how to live as normal a life as possible.

Long-QT Syndrome - Suite101.com (USA)

A nice site from the USA with links and interesting articles. The author's daughter suffers from long-QT syndrome.

PACE (South Africa)

Prevent Arrhythmic Cardiac Events or PACE is the first African website about rare heart diseases such as long-QT syndrome.

QTinterval.org (Russia)

Russian website run by Dr. Dmytro Sydorovych with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about long-QT syndrome.


SADS Canada

SADS United Kingdom

SADS Australia

The Sudden Arryhthmia Death Syndromes Foundation (SADS) in Salt Lake City (Utah) and its international affiliates focus on long-QT syndrome and provides a large amount of patient's information.

Sindrome QT Largo - Centro Virtual De Information (Spain)

This Spanish site and patient email group was created to   provide support and increase awareness of the syndrome in Spanish-speaking countries. The site is dedicated to the memory of young woman who died of Long-QT syndrome. See the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section in Spanish.

The Heart Of Discovery - Long-QT Syndrome

Information about the disease provided by the Texas Heart Institute.

Una Famiglia Per Il Cuore (Italy)

A patients' association created by the Maugeri foundation in Italy that helps Italian speaking patients to get information on Long-QT syndrome and other arrhythogenic syndromes.

Wikipedia - Long-QT syndrome

A detailed description of the disease provided by the free encyclopaedia. With references, related topics and external links.

Yahoo! Long-QT Syndrome Support Group (USA)

This support group is for people who are suffering from long-QT syndrome or know of someone who is. Topics include, but are not limited to, genetic testing, testing for long- QT, symptoms, treatment, or other long-QT interests. Subscription is required.

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